Social Mission


REX builds homes for families in need

REX sets aside a portion of all income from selling homes to fund homes for families in dire need. It is our mission to contribute one home for every 50 homes we sell. We started in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where we partnered with World Housing and the Cambodian Children's Fund to help homeless families get back on their feet.

The homes REX provides to these families are approximately 12 feet x 12 feet, elevated on stilts 6.5 feet off the ground. This creates a lockable, private area on the inside of the home, and a space for cooking and socializing underneath the home. The frame of the home is galvanized steel, with Colorbond steel paneling on the outside, wood floors and insulated interior walls. The louvered wooden doors and windows are locally made and sourced. The steel structure is very robust, and with regular maintenance, will likely last 20+ years.

Collage of Homes

Families Helped By Your Support

Thanks to REX clients, here are a few of the families who now have a home of their own.

  • Sarom Family

    Sihanoukville Province
  • Chanthoeurn Family

    Phnom Penh Province
  • Vy Family

    Phnom Penh Province
  • Moreno Family

    Cazucá, Colombia
  • Centina-Yepes Family

    Cazucá, Colombia
  • Cruz Family

    Cazucá, Colombia
  • 15 Total Homes Built

  • 2020 Initiative

    20+ Homes for "Girls to Grannies"
  • 15Homes Built

    REX donates a home for every fifty sold

Jack Ryan

Our reason for being...

When I left graduate school, I went to a refugee camp at the border of Texas and Mexico. At that time, there were many Central Americans fleeing the communist aggression in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Life had become so cheap, and the quality of life so poor that these homeless immigrants, many of them children, literally began walking the thousands of miles from these countries to the United States with literally nothing in their pockets.

I have never forgotten the looks of those faces as they walked into camp. It was these similar faces that I saw again almost two decades later when I left Goldman Sachs to teach high school on the south side of Chicago. Even here, it was difficult to find a stable home attached to these children. These children were often living in a different house every week or month.

REX is the third and largest of my initiatives to provide homes for children who do not have them. One of the lessons I learned from teaching on the south side of Chicago is that there are two ways to provide hope and help in the world. One way is to give up one's career to personally attend to those who have had little, as I did when I left Goldman Sachs. The second way is to provide a service for others that is so compelling that one creates wealth with which to provide aid to those children who have little.

At REX we are providing homes for families that do not have them, both currently, and with the wealth we create over time. For every 50 homes REX sells, we build one for a family that does not have one. As importantly, REX's employees have pledged to contribute a portion of the wealth they personally receive through their work at REX to provide homes and education for those who need them.

Jack RyanCEO, REX Real Estate

Our Partners

  • Cambodian Children's Fund
  • World Housing