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Cheaper and more effective

Unlike traditional brokers, REX charges a fixed 2% commission to cover both sides of the transaction. Using the latest in AI and big data, REX is able to price homes more accurately to target them to qualified buyers instantly on Zillow, Google, Facebook, Trulia and more. The result? A dramatically better outcome at the cost to the homeowner.

Full service

Our team of licensed agents are salaried and incentivized to do a great job for you from listing to close, instead of just grabbing a quick commission. We uniquely make home buying and selling simpler by offering escrow, titling, mortgage and insurance all in one place and at the most competitive rates.

You are in control

You hail rides, buy tickets, watch movies, trade stocks and check your savings account online. Why? Because it's better, cheaper and more convenient. REX harnesses technology to take the stress and confusion out of the home transaction, providing you greater convenience and unparalleled transparency.

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