Terms and Privacy

Terms and Privacy

Zero Percent Listing Fee Terms and Conditions

(1) REX Real Estate (REX) is offering selling customers using a REX agent to sell their home in the States of California, Texas and Washington and refund all of the listing fee back (the “Listing Fee Discount").

(2) REX customers who qualify shall receive back a Listing Fee Discount equal to the full listing fee. Not everyone will qualify.

(3) To qualify for the Listing Fee Discount, REX customers must

  • (a) enter into a listing agreement for their home sale and successfully sell their home with REX.
  • (b) and close on their replacement home purchase using a REX agent within 13 months from the sale of their home.
  • (c) and customer must use REX Home Loans for their mortgage on their replacement home purchase.
  • (d) and customer must purchase Homes Plus maintenance subscription (Southern California purchases only)

(4) The Listing Fee Discount shall be a refund issued to the REX customer at the close of the purchase sale within 15 business days of closing.

(5) REX must receive a minimum Buyer Agent Fee of 2% on the replacement home for the customer to receive a Listing Fee Discount refund.

(6) The replacement home must be purchased in a REX service area and must not be a REX listed home.

(7) The Listing Fee Discount shall apply to sales of Single-Family Residences (1-4 units), excluding manufactured homes.

(8) Customers must supply REX with a W-9 prior to receiving the Listing Discount refund. Customer tax consequences may apply.

(9) The Listing Fee Discount is not available where prohibited by law. Program not available in Oregon.

(10) REX reserves the right to rescind or modify the terms of the Listing Fee Discount without prior notice.

(11) Fees and costs that are separate from the Listing Fee, including standard closing costs and buyer agent fees, may still apply.