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Bike Score
1.8 of 5
Drive Score
2.7 of 5
Stroll Score
2.2 of 5
Walk Score
2.3 of 5

About the Market

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Average Home Price


Price Breakdown

$925,000 - $999,9903.5%
$725,000 - $849,9995.3%
$584,900 - $719,99722.8%
$440,000 - $579,99635.1%
$300,000 - $439,99931.6%
$109,900 - $299,9991.8%

The Vibe

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The Lifestyle Fit

College Student Friendly90.0%
Family Friendly86.6%
First Time Homebuyers42.3%
Luxury Communities69.9%
Retirement Dream Areas40.0%
Vacation Home Locations0.0%
Young Single Professionals49.4%

Neighborhood Crime Stats

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Property Crime

Chances of Property Crime:

These crimes range anywhere from home burglary, asset robbery, to vehicle theft.

1 in 56



About the Schools

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School Quality


Better than all U.S. Schools

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District Quality Compared to State


(10 is best)

District Quality Compared to U.S.


(10 is best)

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