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Buyback Guarantee
We want you to feel good about the home you buy using REX. To help ease concerns with your purchase decision, all homes purchased with REX come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't love your home for any reason, just let us know and REX will buy the home from you per the terms and conditions of our guarantee.

How does the buyback guarantee work?

What homes are eligible for the REX Guarantee?

The guarantee applies to all homes that are listed for sale with REX. Additionally, the guarantee can be applied to a home that is purchased using the REX Buyer Rebate program. Subject to terms of the REX Buyback Guarantee.

Does the REX guarantee cover my house for a full 30-days?

For the first 30-days, REX will buy back your home if you are unhappy about your purchase decision as long as it is in line with a few basic terms.

How does the guarantee work?

Once you let us know you're unhappy with your home, we'll schedule a Home Condition Assessment to make sure there hasn't been major damage to the home or other material changes reducing the value of your home. We'll then buy your home back for the original price less sunk fees, transaction costs (including commissions) and repair costs beyond normal wear and tear. Further details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Is there any additional coverage beyond 30 days?

REX has partnered with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors ("InterNACHI") for InterNACHI to offer to REX's customers an additional 90-day guarantee backed by InterNACHI if you find a material defect in your home not disclosed in their home inspection.

If you or the seller hired a participating InterNACHI member to perform a home inspection for your home and you find a material defect in your home that was not disclosed in their inspection within 90 days of closing, then InterNACHI will buy the home from you per the terms and conditions of InterNACHI's guaranty. Further details can be found in InterNACHI's terms and conditions.

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