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Find the process of buying a home

a bit exhausting?

You’re not alone. It often feels like it was designed to be complicated ON PURPOSE, doesn’t it?

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Forget just getting an agent! You get

Your Own Network

REX agents not only help you find your dream home, but also guide you through the entire process of buying it. No handoffs, no telling you to call mortgage brokers, or your own escrow agent. Think of them as your personal quarterback!


We find you

Your Agent

Our dedicated agents are available to help you find your dream home.


Dedicated, salaried agents, whose sole purpose is YOU!



Your Loan Expert

Your agent will also be in contact with your mortgage expert for pre-approvals or to secure the best rates.


Imagine a loan advisor who’s always up-to-date on your personal situation. That’s what they do!

Get Pre-Qualified


Let's get

You Insured

Prepare for the unexpected with your REX insurance expert. Get the right coverage for the things you love.


No matter your needs, your insurance expert has you covered at the best rates.

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Close with

Title & Escrow

The closing process requires a team effort. Close on time and with confidence with your escrow officer.


Get an escrow expert that knows your case cold to save you money at closing.

The best part is, they charge

No Commissions

Every member of your team is salaried. Which means that, unlike traditional agents, their sole purpose is to get you into your dream house, rather than try to make money off of you.
Every home just became

$1,000s CHEAPER

Find any home, from any platform.
Buy it with REX, save thousands.
Yup, it's that simple.
You no longer need to scavenge multiple sites to find your next home. With REX, save time in your search and see all homes for sale on one screen.
If you’ve already found your dream home, work with REX to get the same home for thousands less.
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Always stay in the loop with your

Omni Dashboard

We’ve made it easy for you to stay updated and organized at all stages of the buying process. See upcoming showings, pending tasks, important documents, and more - all at your fingertips.
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REX Homes Services

What if your new home could foresee needed repairs, before things break?
Imagine receiving a notification on your phone alerting you that REX smart sensors detected higher than usual moisture levels in your ceiling - imediately followed by a list of technicians in our extensive Home Services network that can come take a look before things actually go bad. That’s REX Home Services. The future of homeownership - where lifting a finger, is literally just about all you’ll ever need to do to keep your home safe & sound.
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