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Cash Back at REX

Cash Back at REX

When you buy with REX, we make the home-buying process easy. On top of that, we give you 1% of your new home's price back at close, similar to a home buyer rebate! §

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When you buy with REX, we will help you...


Find Your Home

Our expert agents will work with you to find your dream home.


Fund Your Home

Our mortgage team will set you up with competitive rates that fit your budget.


Close in Record Time

With industry-leading time to pre-approval and cash back at close,§ your offer is stronger with REX.

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Frequently asked questions

It is not free to use an agent when buying a home, although this is a common assumption made by homebuyers. In reality, the commission fee is baked into the price of your home, and that cost is passed onto you when you buy.

A buyer's agent typically receives around 2.5% - 3% of a home's sale price directly from the seller. Instead of keeping that full commission, when you buy a home using AllHomes Cash Back we give you back 1% of the sale price. §

Yes, REX is a full service brokerage that also specializes in selling homes. We don't list our homes on the MLS and charge the lowest fees in the industry, offering a 2.5% total fee rather than the typical fees of 5-6%.

Yes, REX was designed to simplify the homebuying experience. In most states where we operate, REX can act as a one stop shop to simplify the many steps of the home buying process. From getting pre-qualified, securing a mortgage, and signing up for home insurance…REX has you covered. Of course, you are welcome to shop around and are in no way obligated to use REX specific services.